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Customized Security Options.

We cater to the specific requirements of hotels and apartments, and provide a range of services for special events.

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certis elite.
Unarmed officers, differently attired and well trained for specific tasks will accompany individuals to their office and back or any such movement. They also provide security cover for high-end events and locations.
certise lanka security solutions

Personal security

Well-trained and experienced unarmed officers for the protection of your life during special events.

certise lanka security solutions

Running errands for guests

Running errands for guests during the occasion is another service performed by our security officers.

certise lanka security solutions

Special duty for events

Experienced officers for specialized duties such as observation, reporting and protection of lives.

certise lanka security solutions

Monitoring of CCTV cameras

24/7 continuous monitoring of CCTV cameras within your home/office to safeguard you from any kind of intrusion.

certise lanka security solutions

Concierge, valet parking and related services for hotels

Providing parking services for guests, outstanding customer services for hotels.

certise lanka security solutions
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